ABCRA Rule Book

ABCRA RULE BOOK - CLICK HERE Effective 1st December 2015

If you would like a hard copy please contact Head Office 02 6766 5863.
Please note: there will be ongoing changes to the formatting of the Rule Book to use available space, however the content of the Rule Book will remain intact.

RSNCA Ranch Sorting Rule Book (valid 29.3.2016)



CD.12. Fines

Should a competitor intentionally force a beast into the camp yard or arena fence then they will be subject to a minimum fine of $50.00. This infringement and the amount of the fine will be determined by the Judge or a Campdraft MRC member or a Director.



CD.9. Campdraft Pre-paid Entries
All Campdraft Committees may present competitor cheques up to four (4) business days prior to the commencement of their event.

CD.6 Scratching’s
Competitors placing entries and not turning up at the draft and who have not notified the committee four (4) business days prior to the commencement of the program, will be subject to payment of the advertised stock levy and a fine. 

RRSR.3. Bull Ride Rules
To be eligible to enter an Open Bull ride a competitor must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have won $1000 in Novice bull riding events.


Ambulance Cover 
ALL Competitors and in fact ALL Personnel involved with ABCRA sanctioned events need to seriously consider their position in relation to possible transportation by Ambulance, this includes by air.

ABCRA’s insurance policies DO NOT include any Ambulance cover at all and with the associated high cost in the event that you are transported by Ambulance without any cover, Competitors and Personnel are strongly advised to take out their own private Ambulance cover.

Some members will have some level of Ambulance cover included with their Private Health Insurance and we urge those members to double check the level that the cover provides. Some covers do not view a broken arm or leg as a Category 1 incident and therefore transportation by Ambulance is not covered. Category 1 incidents are defined as serious or life threatening.

Again, we urge ALL Competitors and Members to ensure that they are adequately covered in the event that they require transportation by any form of Ambulance.

Stock Contractors

Please note, that as paid contractors at an ABCRA sanctioned event, Stock Contractors and their Personnel are NOT covered under ABCRA’s Personal Accident and Public Liability Policies. We strongly recommend that all Stock Contractors, if they haven’t already done so, secure Public Liability cover for at least $5 million and Personal Accident cover for themselves and their staff.

There is one current action that we are aware of against a Stock Contractor in relation to a Rodeo incident and fortunately the Contractor involved has the necessary cover.

Protection Clowns, Comedy Clowns and Pick Up Personnel

ABCRA approved Arena Personnel which includes Judges, Chute Bosses, Gate Pullers, Protection Athletes, Comedy Clowns and Pick Up Riders while performing their duties ARE covered by ABCRA’s Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurances.

Important NCCA Campdraft Rule Changes

30 November  2016

Rule 4.12 will now read

A horse that clips a beast when changing sides shall be penalized; however a horse that badly hits a beast over the hocks or runs up the rump of a beast will be disqualified.

11.2 Stallion Containment Requirements

Minimum Stallion Containment Requirements.

Stallions to be double tied.

Stallions to have an exclusion perimeter erected around the animal by way of electrified tape around the horse and area they are tied to exclude any possible interaction between the stallion and another horse or human.

At night:

The same rules apply to daylight hours with the addition for a stallion that is in panels must have additional form of restraint e.g.: tied up, hobbles, sideline.

Individual associations affiliated with the NCCA may impose additional containment rules.


Stallion Containment

During daylight:   Stallions to be enclosed by panels of all campdraft grounds.

Stallions can be free to roam inside panel area when an exclusion permitter is erected by way of electrified tape around the panelled area to exclude any possible interactions between the stallion and another horse or human.

Only 1 horse is allowed per enclosure.

Panels must be a min if 1500mm in height.

Panels must be constructed using an equivalent of 4 bars of 25mm box or pipe equivalent as a minimum.

Panels must be anchored securely to a solid object i.e. truck, post or tree.