Email Entry Registration


To maintain my registration as an E Mail competitor, I understand I must:

- Be a current, financial member of the Association.

- Have my member bond in place and the bond must be fully paid up at any time I lodge entries.  (Excepting junior events).  I understand that if I have incurred a fine/turnout/late entry fee which is not paid before the entry is submitted  my entry will be precluded from the scheme.

- Email entries open from Friday 5pm the week prior to the phone central entry dates.

- I must have my entries in the office by 5pm on the Friday of the Central Entry programme for my particular event/s.

- I will be required to download the entry form to my computer from the website and complete it electronically.  I will then attach the form to the E Mail to Head Office.

- I will need to correctly identify the events I wish to enter in.  There will be no obligation on the staff at Central Entry to check or correct erroneous entries.

- I must have my E Mail sent with a return acknowledgement of the E Mail having been received. 

- I understand Time of receipt will be the time the E Mail is received at head office, rather than the time of  my despatch by the member.  This time will be confirmed by the time of the return receipt. 

- I understand late entries and cancellations will only be done Monday morning by phone only.

I understand this process will be provided to allow me to enter events electronically, however the onus lies with me to ensure receipt etc. is received from head office acknowledging my E Mail had been received. I also understand that my obligation lies with head office in the circumstances of  my E Mail not being received at the Central Entry Inbox.

I also understand being registered for Central Entry by E Mail does not prohibit me from entering by telephone in the normal way should I desire to do so. 

I request to be registered as a Central Entry by E Mail participant.  I have read these conditions and requirements and I am willing to abide by these requirements to allow me to participate in the scheme.


Membership Number* 
Being a current financial ABCRA member.
Email Address* 
the address you will be using for entries
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions as set out above*