2018/19 MEMBERSHIP YEAR 1ST MAY 2018 TO 30TH APRIL 2019 - DUE BY 1ST MAY 2018


We invite you to use our new membership portal to renew for 2018/2019.

Please click the link below

Please click the register here button to begin

If you are looking to use the sports for schools vouchers please wait as we are awaiting notification if we have been approved

Please contact ABCRA Head Office if you require a paper copy of the membership form 

CAMPDRAFT ENCOURAGEMENT COMPETITORS: Encouragement riders need to advise Encouragement status at the time of renewing your membership by ticking the box on the membership form. This will ensure you gain points in the Encouragement Rider standings. If joining as part of a combined or family membership, please also provide your membership number near your encouragement status.

MAGAZINE: Magazine entitlement will commence from the date of membership payment.

FINES: All fines incurred in the previous membership year must be paid before renewal can be processed (Rule G.14.).

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP - ABCRA CODE OF BEHAVIOUR: Every ABCRA Junior member is required to have at least one parent/legal guardian who is a member of the ABCRA.
The Parent/Legal Guardian will also be required to sign the ABCRA Code of Behaviour and a Parental Consent and Indemnity before a Junior membership can be processed.

Please note that it is the parent/legal guardians responsibility to ensure that any minor or child under their control will use appropriate tack, be suitably mounted and competent to compete at the level entered.