Dear members the following rule was published in the May Magazine;


RRJ.5 Junior Bull Ride Rules

Junior Bull Ride will be a one-hand event with a score time of eight (8) seconds.
The age limit will be fourteen (14) years to under eighteen(18) years for Junior Bull Ride.
Junior Bull Ride held will gain National Points for Juvenile Steer Ride if Juvenile
Steer Ride is not held. Bulls used in a Junior Bull Ride will be restricted to suitable stock under 500kg. Thatcommencing December 1st for 2019 points year, the 14-U18 Junior Bull Ride and 14-U18 Junior Steer Ride, will become 2 separate National Title award events. Where a committee will count towards Allround Junior Cowboy or Cowgirl awards.

For Clarity;

This rule became effective from the 1 December 2018 and points will be recorded for the 2019 points year.