Notice to members
The ABCRA are working with Clay Cini (Campdraft Central) to develop and implement our new database management system called ABCRA Live. The development of the new system was approved by the Board some years ago and to implement a system that would alleviate workload for committee secretaries, head office and be more convenient for competitors and members.
Clay developed the Campdraft Central database system that has now been operating successfully for a number of years and utilised by the majority of committees to manage entries, draws, payouts etc.
The current stage that is being developed targets the rodeo entry system, draws and results. The Zorro system that has managed the central entry system was 25 plus years old and technology platforms had passed it by. The Zorro system was developed and supported by ABRI who decommissioned this system last year and gave us notice that access to this system would end on the 31 December 2018.
The ABCRA Live system was and still is being developed. The first test was to take our entries for the National Finals, produce invoices and collect payments, complete our draws and record the results. The system coped with this very well and gave us the opportunity to test and adjust what was needed.
ABCRA live then had to cope with taking entries starting from the 1 January 2019 for committees under different conditions to the way we handled this for the National Finals. This has been completed with further enhancements in the pipeline.
What has changed for committees? The answer is, very little. The ABCRA take the entries and provide committees with all the same information which include the draws, result sheets, etc. In the future when this system is more developed committees will be provided with a number of time and cost saving applications via direct access.
What has changed for competitors? Instead of phoning the ABCRA to manually take entries between 9am and 5pm a couple of days a week competitors can now enter 24 hours a day at their convenience up to and including Sundays via computer, tablet, iPhone. Payments are made by credit card prior to the event. If you are having difficulty in entering the ABCRA provides a help desk phone number 02 67679222 to assist during business hours.
Any constructive feedback on changes that would make the experience better is welcome. Please email