21 Jan 2016

Following two nights of intense competition, Braith Nock and Chelsey Byers came out victorious taking out the Finals All Round Cowboy and Finals All Round Cowgirl titles at the Ironman 4x4 ABCRA National Finals Junior Rodeo!

With the results in of the last two rounds of the 2015 season; Bianca Canham and Luke Parkinson were crowned Australian Champion All Round Cowgirl and Australian Champion All Round Cowboy for 2015!

The top 15 junior ABCRA competitors in the various age divisions took to the AELEC arena over the past 2 days to test their skill and agility in the junior steer ride, junior barrel race and the junior breakaway roping. 

2015 ABCRA National Junior Rodeo Champions
Junior All Round Cowboy - LUKE PARKINSON                     Runner Up - BRAITH NOCK
Junior All Round Cowgirl - BIANCA CANHAM                    Runner Up - HUNTA GALLACHER
Junior Steer Rider 8 & U11 - RILEY LANGDON                        Runner Up - KADE ATTENBOROUGH
Junior Steer Rider 11 & U14 - CHRISTOPHER WILSON           Runner Up - LUKE PARKINSON
Juvenile Steer Rider 14 & U18 - NICHOLAS WILSON                  Runner Up - TOBY LEAKE
Junior Barrel Racer Under 11 - SHAELYNN HERNANDO          Runner Up - THOMAS HUTTON
Junior Barrel Racer 11 & U14 - BRAITH NOCK                             Runner Up - MATT CANHAM
Juvenile Barrel Racer 14 & U18 - BIANCA CANHAM                    Runner Up - POLLY GARDINER
Junior Breakaway Roper 8 & U18 - LUKE PARKINSON                     Runner Up - BIANCA CANHAM

2015 Ironman 4x4 ABCRA National Finals Junior Rodeo
19-20th January 2016 at the AELEC Tamworth
National Finals Junior Rodeo Champions

All Round Jnr Cowboy -  Braith Nock
All Round Jnr Cowgirl - Chelsey Byers
Junior Steer Rider 8 & U11 - Linden Raaen
Junior Steer Rider 11 & U14 - Luke Parkinson
Juvenile Steer Rider 14 & U18 - Christopher Borghero
Junior Barrel Racer U11 - Shaelynn Hernando
Junior Barrel Racer 11 & U14 - Braith Nock
Juvenile Barrel Racer 14 & 18 - Kaysha Cornes
Impulse Print Junior Breakaway Roper 8 & U18 - Cody Whitfield

Click below links for results

Round 1 Results

Round 2 Results

Aggregate Results

Fastest Times                                                                                                                       
U11 Barrel Race Fastest Time - Linden Raaen 17.98
11-14 Barrel Race Fastest Time - Hunta Gallacher 17.88
14-18 Barrel Race Fastest Time - Kaysha Cornes 17.75
Junior Breakaway Fastest Time - Dalton Cook 2.09

Highest Scores                                                                                                                      
8-11 Steer Ride - Linden Raaen and Riley Langdon 72
11-14 Steer Ride - Luke Parkinson 79
14-U18 Steer Ride - Oscar Leake 76

Bianca Hertel Scholarship Recipient - Katie Vohland