AELEC Camping & Stabling - National Finals January 2018

14 Nov 2017

AELEC National Finals Camping and Stabling will be available from 11.00am Friday 1st December 2017 via Nominate (link below).

Stables - $25.50 per night (minimum 2 night stay will be charged)
Stable Cleaning Bond - $42.50 per stable - fully refundable if the stable is completely stripped of all bedding prior to departure.
Powered Camping - $25.50 per night
Non-Powered Camping - $25.50 per night
Day Parking - $30 whole event fee - payable to ABCRA prior to event or payable at Gate 2 during event.

Competitors please note; there is NO FREE parking offered for this event, if you wish to come and go each day please book a ‘parking site’ to gain access with your vehicle – if you do not do this prior to the event you will be charged at the gatehouse on arrival. This does not entitle you to camp on site.

If you are planning on camping, you will need to book either a powered or non-powered camp site, horses are permitted in yards at your truck in the non-powered camping section only.

If you would like a powered camp site and want to put your horses in yards in the paddock you will need to book a powered AND a non-powered camp site, otherwise if you book a powered camp site you will also need to book stables for your horses.