10 Nov 2016

ABCRA adopted a policy from the October Board meetings and it is now a mandatory requirement by all Campdraft Judges to attend a Judges Seminar every two (2) years. This is effective as of the 1st of January 2017.

If a Judge has not successfully attended a Judges Seminar within the two (2) year period, the status of the Judge will be relegated to Provisional until a seminar is completed.

Moving forward seminars are provided to ensure Judges  you are aware of all current Animal Welfare and legal obligations, rules and many more aspects of Judging.

The first Campdraft Judges seminar for the 2017 year will be held at the Ironman 4x4 National Finals Campdraft on Thursday 26th January.

A Judge that has completed a Judges seminar during 2016 will have met the requirement and will not be required to attend a seminar until 30th November 2018.

For any further information please contact ABCRA Head Office 02 6766 5863 or your Campdraft MRC Representative.