10 Nov 2016

The Board met on October 11th and 12th and during that meeting it was decided a Master Rider Title be included in the ABCRA list of sanctioned events effective 1st December 2016.

The Master Rider title will be for those members fifty five (55) years of age and over and points will be accumulated from Maiden, Novice, Open and Open for Open.

The member will become eligible for points at the beginning of the points year - 1st December or at any given time after they turn fifty five (55) years of age.

This event will be included in the Ironman 4x4 National Finals Campdraft for the 2017 year to be held in January 2018.

ABCRA’s database will automatically calculate points based on the date of birth recorded by ABCRA.

For any further information please contact ABCRA Head Office 02 6766 5863 or your Campdraft MRC Representative.