Changes to Provisional Campdraft Judges System

24 Aug 2015


Important changes to the Provisional Campdraft Judges System effective 1st December 2015.

The following changes do not apply to existing Provisional Campdraft Judges.

The following changes do apply to Provisional Campdraft Judges approved on or after December 1st 2015. 

1) A Provisional Campdraft Judge must attend a Campdraft Judges Seminar within twelve months from the date of approval as a provisional Campdraft judge.

2) A Provisional Campdraft Judge must shadow judge with an Open Judge for three Campdrafts. 

3) A Provisional Campdraft Judge must judge a minimum of three Campdrafts under the supervision of an Open Judge. 

These changes are in addition to any existing Provisional Campdraft Judging requirements. 

For any enquires please feel free to contact one of your Campdraft Members Representatives.