IMPORTANT NOTICE to ALL National Finals Campdraft Competitors

11 Jan 2017

It has been decided that in the best interest of the National Finals Event and the livestock to alter the Campdraft Program.

The Campdraft Competitor Back Number Presentation and Draws will now commence at 4pm Thursday 26th January in the marquee located adjacent to the Campdraft arena. 

The National Finals Campdraft will commence at the conclusion of the Back Number Presentation on Thursday night at 7pm with the following order of events:

  1. Junior Rider
  2. Juvenile Rider
  3. Encouragement Rider
  4. Lady Rider

Order of Events Friday 27th January commencing at 6am

  1. Maiden Horse
  2. Open Horse
  3. Novice Horse
  4. Most Successful Rider
  5. Encouragement Rider
  6. Junior Rider
  7. Juvenile Rider
  8. Maiden Horse
  9. Novice Horse
  10. Open Horse 
  11. Lady Rider
  12. Most Successful Rider

Order of Events Saturday 28th January commencing at 6am 

  1. Encouragement Rider
  2. Junior Rider
  3. Juvenile Rider
  4. Maiden Horse
  5. Novice Horse
  6. Open Horse 
  7. Lady Rider
  8. Most Successful Rider

Please feel free to contact the Campdraft Event Coordinator Ron Berkley 0417-612 660 or relevant Campdraft Members Representatives with any queries.