Introducing the Ranch Sorting National Championships Australia

14 May 2015

The ABCRA are proud to announce the introduction of the Ranch Sorting National Championships Australia.

Ranch Sorting is the fastest growing equine sport in the USA being renowned for its low costs, ease of involvement and strong family orientation.

The basics of Ranch Sorting involves, 11 head of cattle, 60 seconds on the clock and two riders. The cattle are labelled with numbers 0 – 9 with the ultimate aim being to get 10 of these in numerical order from one pen to another through a 4 metre gap, in the quickest time possible, of course!

To assist in the launch of Ranch Sorting National Championships in Australia, two very experienced visiting American Clinicians will be joining us in the running of two schools, one in Dubbo on the 27th and 28th of June 2015 and one in Tamworth on the 4th and 5th of July 2015. The starting time will be 9am each day and camping will be available at both of these clinics.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided to participants with the possibility for light entertainment on Saturday night. On Sunday morning of each clinic all participants will be able to compete in a Jackpot Ranch Sorting Event.

We would like to extend an invitation not only to ABCRA members, but to anyone who would like to get involved in Ranch Sorting to attend these clinics.
Ranch Sorting is designed to be a sport to cater for all levels of competition from beginners to expert and we strongly encourage anyone interested to attend, even if only as a fence sitter. It will be a great opportunity for the whole family to get a taste for this up and coming sport.

With the introduction of RSNCA, ABCRA will be sanctioning full point’s Ranch Sorting events with the prospects for competitors to qualify for our 2016 ABCRA National Finals to be held in January 2017. As a major benefit, the 2016 Ranch Sorting National Champions, crowned in January 2017 will qualify automatically to compete at the Ranch Sorting National Championships National Finals in America, usually held in June each year.

For more information, including nomination forms and information packages, please contact the ABCRA Head Office on (02) 6766 5863.