Dear member,


The ABCRA approved judges are engaged by committees to officiate and enforce the rules of the sport, the spirit in which those rules are written and ensure the safety and well-being of competitors and spectators from an arena point of view. Judges have the full backing and respect of the association with regard to the decisions that they will have to make from time to time. They will also err in their judgment and will make a call as they see it rightly or wrongly, they are only human. These decisions should be respected.

Competitors can dispute a call, but there is a process that must be followed. Competitors must act respectfully at all times. Firstly take up the matter with an event director, arena director or an MRC rep and if none are available speak with the committee secretary and/or President. Try and resolve all matters the day of the rodeo.

The collection of and use of video/photographic material from the sidelines to use in a dispute will not be accepted by the ABCRA or be used by any judge.

The Board of Directors has resolved the following;

“That any video footage is unacceptable and cannot be used as evidence in any judging dispute.

Any competitor approaching a judge with video footage regarding a judging dispute will be fined on the spot. (Minimum fine $100)”