Dear Members,

There has been some 26 rodeos conducted since the beginning of 2019. This has allowed for member, contractor and committee feedback. The board have discussed the matters raised and have resolved the following changes to the Rodeo entry system;


Entries will open on Wednesday’s at 10am and will close on Friday at 5pm.

Late entries will be accepted after 5pm on Fridays up until Monday at 12 noon and will incur late fees. This will help contractors with stock allocation and committees to have a good understanding of the entry numbers in a timely manner.

Pre-payment of entries will come into force from the 1 May 2019. Entries will be accepted without payment at time of entry, however, payment will need to be made by 5pm on the Tuesday following the Friday closing time. Any entry not paid by this time will be rejected and not drawn for.

Draws will be prioritised as follows, Friday rodeos will be completed first on Wednesdays and Saturday rodeos will be completed next. Draws will be posted as soon as completed. The board advise that there is no requirement for Draws to be posted at a set time and date. They are to be posted as soon as completed and may be posted no earlier than 48 hours prior to an event. Draws at some stage in the future will be sent to you by SMS text message once completed.

Payouts are and will remain the responsibility of the committees. How they choose to do that is their prerogative. Committees at this stage have indicated that they will most likely continue with current practices. The ABCRA are not currently contemplating taking this extra duty on.

Bonds will be processed and refunded upon receipt of a request in writing.

Fees The board have reviewed the fee structure for online entries currently in place and advise the following fees;

ABCRA Live Senior entry fee $4.40 per rodeo + Transaction fee of 2.2% (this is not a credit card fee) the ABCRA have absorbed this cost.

ABCRA Live Junior entry fee $2.20 per rodeo + Transaction fee of 2.2% (this is not a credit card fee) the ABCRA have absorbed this cost.

Late fees $22.00 (open & Novice) & $5.50 Junior events

Cancellation fees Nil up to Payment cut off time (Tuesdays at 5pm)

Cancellation fee after payment cut off time (Tuesdays 5pm); Entry fees are payable and non-refundable.

Cancellation exceptions by Medical certificate only; the stock levy and transaction fees will be retained and entry fees refunded.

Craig Young

Executive Officer