Dear Members,

The association is reliant and committed to growing engagement with its membership. The Rodeo MRC is the elected representatives of the membership, to make decisions and recommendations to the association and the first point of call when members wish to express their ideas or concerns. The MRC discussed the voting on the awards and agreed that it would be beneficial to all to extend the vote to all rodeo competitors. We have now developed the technology to better engage with members. This gives everyone the opportunity who have been involved over the year to have a vote and be included by the association. After all, is it about only a few members? or should the association include as many members as possible. By including members it creates an awareness and a following of rodeo, the bucking stock and the competitors. These are the considerations which are required to grow Rodeo. This sport is under immense pressure from animal rights groups etc. The MRC is under a lot of pressure to make decisions that benefit all and not just a few. This year there were not enough nominations on the MRC to fill all the vacant positions. The elected representatives are volunteers who give up their time for you. It is unreasonable to expect that they will contact every member, If you as a member have an idea or a concern contact your MRC or send it in writing to the ABCRA addressed to the MRC.

I ask that members refrain from making negative and derogatory comments about the MRC, the ABCRA or other members or committee events on Facebook, this serves no purpose other than to erode your own association, make it difficult to engage with sponsors and other people who might follow rodeo.


Craig Young
Executive Officer