NCCA AGM - Rule Changes

01 Dec 2016

The NCCA AGM was held on 30th November 2016 and the following rule changes were made and are effective 1st December 2016.

Rule 4.12
A horse that clips a beast when changing sides shall be penalized; however a horse that badly hits a beast over the hocks or runs up the rump of a beast will be disqualified.

11.2 Stallion Containment Requirements

Minimum Stallion Containment Requirements

Stallions to be double tied.

Stallions to have an exclusion perimeter erected around the animal by way of electrified tape around the horse and area they are tied to exclude any possible interaction between the stallion and another horse or human.

At night:

The same rules apply to daylight hours with the addition for a stallion that is in panels must have additional form of restraint e.g.: tied up, hobbles, sideline.

Individual associations affiliated with the NCCA may impose additional containment rules.


Stallion Containment

During daylight:   Stallions to be enclosed by panels on all Campdraft grounds.

Stallions can be free to roam inside panel area when an exclusion perimeter  is erected by way of electrified tape around the panelled area to exclude any possible interactions between the stallion and another horse or human.

Only 1 horse is allowed per enclosure.

Panels must be a min of 1500mm in height.

Panels must be constructed using an equivalent of 4 bars of 25mm box or pipe equivalent as a minimum.

Panels must be anchored securely to a solid object i.e. truck, post or tree.