National Finals Qualification for Ranch Sorting;

From the Rule book


All members are eligible to compete at the RSNCA National Finals, however, only those that have competed at 3 shows will be eligible for year-end awards.


For Clarity; There is no set number of events you must attend before you are eligible to attend the National Finals. You must have attended 3 shows as a minimum to qualify for End OF Year awards.


The 2019 Ranch Sorting National Finals will be held in Tamworth on the 24 & 25 January. With the current seasonal decline and economic conditions it will be impossible to take all entrants. The ABCRA will be inviting members to attend based on the point score rankings and capping number of runs where needed due to cattle availability. This matter will be discussed at the next MRC meeting.

The Current MRC reps are Jodie Fuge, Cathy Neale (WA), Melissa West, Tracy Boland.