Dear Competitors,
We are currently in the transition stage from our previous entry system to the new online ABCRA LIVE system. The ABCRA are looking forward to the full implementation of ABCRA LIVE that will allow competitors flexibility and 24 hour access to enter during allocated dates. This implementation has come about due to the previous entry software no longer being supported due to its limited technical capabilities.
The Board resolved that all rodeo entries will be prepaid through the new online system. Due to member feedback and concerns a decision has been made during the transition period ending 28th February 2019 entries will be accepted without payment. Payments can be made by logging in to ABCRA LIVE at any time up until the Thursday preceding the event. If payment is not made by the closing date, the competitor MUST pay through committee secretary at event prior to competing.
Full prepayment will be effective as of March 1st 2019.
Kind Regards
Craig Young
Chief Executive Officer