Dear Ranch Sorting Members,
By way of update to you all, the following rule change has been approved and is effective immediately;
Rule: 2.2.1 The #1 (Beginner) rating is only for those participants who are novice riders on novice horses and who have not exceeded life time earnings of $750 in any sorting or other cow horse competition.
Once your Life time earnings exceed $750 (excluding youth earnings) you will automatically be moved to a #2.
The #1 Beginner is only an introductory level and is probationary. If you or your horse’s skills dictate it, you may be moved at any time.
National Finals Entries:
To be eligible to attend the National Finals the following applies;
The entrant must have been a full financial member and competed at a minimum of 3 shows during the point score year. All entrants accepted for the National Finals will be eligible for the year End prizes.
I am pleased to announce that due to the collection of a trophy levy the year end prizes will include a Marsh Carney Saddle amongst other prizes. Entries open early December for the National Finals.
Ratings; all members will be reviewed by RSNCA twice a year, at the completion of the National Finals and 6 months later. This will include #1 beginners.
Please take you time to check you point scores off the standings at the end of November to ensure that we have everything correct. All queries around this should be directed to in writing only.
There are only 2 events left for Ranch sorting to gain points at, Tamworth and Hunter Valley over the next couple of weeks, so go hard and enjoy and we look forward to seeing you at the National Finals.
Craig Young
Executive Officer