Rule Updates

03 Sep 2018

CD.12. Fines

Should a competitor intentionally force a beast into the camp yard or arena fence then they will be subject to a minimum fine on $50.00. This infringement and the amount of the fine will be determined by the Judge or a Campdraft MRC member or a Director, in consultation with the committee. 


Com.33. Added Back

The following scale is to be used when calculating entry fees and added back;

Prize money of $300 -$599 = $30 added back

$600- $999 = $40 added back

$1000-$1999 = maximum of $70 added back

Over $2,000 = maximum of $70 added back, unless the committee applies for a higher added back fee through Head Office, and approved by the Rodeo MRC.

Committees have the option of including $5 added back on junior events.