Super Series Campdraft

13 Apr 2018

The ABCRA have affiliated the Campdraft Super Series promoted by Australian Campdraft Pty Ltd and headed up by William Bright and Liz Hawthorne. The ABCRA believe that the concept promoted with this series gives Campdraft competitors another target to aspire to and takes the sport to the next level demonstrating new and exciting vision.

The goal of the Super Series is gather the best horses and riders into a competition that will promote the sport and provide spectator appeal and participation. The event will also promote the seasoned horse rather than focus on aged based events as many other horse sports currently do. This conceptually will be become attractive to high end corporate sponsorship further underpinning the reason to own, train and compete a Campdraft horse.

The plan following the inaugural event is to promote a further 3 super series events for 2019 potentially making available well in excess of half a million dollars in prizemoney to be won.

The inaugural event will consist of two full rounds with the 30 highest aggregated 2 round scorers advancing into the final. Prizemoney will be $32,000 per round and paid to 15th place including a $2000 cut out. The final winner will receive $25,000 and money will be paid down to 15 places. The aggregate cut out winner over the 3 rounds will take home $5,000.

The Judges that have been selected are Nigel Rippon, Andrew Turvey, Adrian Lamb and Bill King. This is set to be an outstanding event featuring one line of Wagyu cattle and with a goal of 300 entries to compete for the spoils.