Team ABCRA wins National Campdraft Championship of Australia!

27 Oct 2014

The National Campdraft Championship of Australia sponsored by Pryde’s EasiFeed was this year held in conjunction with the 2014 Warwick Gold Cup and the scene was set for a great event:

WHO? The top 5 ranked open riders from Australia’s Campdraft Associations: ABCRA, ACA, SCA & GCA;
WHAT? 3 full rounds of competition with the highest aggregate determining the winning competitor and winning team;
WHY? $26,000 in prize money & prizes; and also the coveted title of National Campdraft Champion!

THE RESULTS? Warwick Lawrence (ABCRA) and Cedar Downs Minimax (266.5) winning the aggregate, second was Nigel Kable (ABCRA) and Chevin Mary Poppins (259) and third, Troy Palmer (ABCRA) and Impressive Destiny (258.5). ABCRA’s Tim McCarthy took out the average cut-out on Hot as Hell.

Following his win Warwick commented:
“I was very proud to compete at the National Campdraft Championship and represent the ABCRA. It was a great concept and a great event. I thought it was excellent for the sport as a whole and for all the Associations to get together and get behind the event.
I would like thank my wife Fiona who is always there helping and supporting me and also my great mare Minimax, who always remains consistent in the big events.
During the final round I could feel the pressure and excitement of the event building especially as Nigel Kable drew first out. I was second out and Troy Palmer at number 6 with many strong riders still to run.
It was great to see the Team ABCRA do so well, taking out the first 3 individual places overall and the highest team aggregate!”

Well done by Team ABCRA - Warwick Lawrence, Nigel Kable, Troy Palmer, Tim McCarthy and Lachie Maxwell!

Team ABCRA results:
Warwick Lawrence riding Cedar Downs Minimax: Round 1 - 88, Round 2 - 89.5, Round 3 - 89, Aggregate 266.5.
Nigel Kable riding Chevin Mary Poppins: Round 1 - 90.5, Round 2 - 88, Round 3 - 80.5, Aggregate 259.
Troy Palmer and Impressive Destiny: Round 1 - 86.5, Round 2 - 89.5, Round 3 - 82.5, Aggregate 258.5.
Tim McCarthy and Hot as Hell - Round 1 - 23, Round 2 - 80, Round 3 - 86.5, Aggregate 189.5.
Lachie Maxwell and Moonlight – Round 1 - 87.5, Round 2 - 81, Round 3 - 20.5, Aggregate 189.