"SweetPro" supplying high quality distiller's grain based livestock feed supplements across Australia and New Zealand. 

SweetPro Feed Supplements are currently being imported from the United States in container loads and distributed across the country. In the near future, SweetPro Australia will be building a production facility here in Australia, producing the same high-quality product that SweetPro in America has been known for over the past 25 years.

Everyone with livestock is looking for a better, more cost-effective alternative to traditional feed supplements. Dried distiller’s grain with solubles (DDGS) is an excellent, alternative feed ingredient. The high energy, mid-protein, and high digestible phosphorus content of DDGS make it a very attractive, partial replacement for some of the more expensive, traditional energy (sorghum), protein (cottonseed meal), and phosphorus (mono- or dicalcium phosphate) traditionally used in animal feeds. When DDGS is added to properly formulated feeds, it results in excellent animal health, performance, and food product quality. These attributes, and others, have made DDGS one of the most popular feed ingredients for use in animal feeds around the world.

When DDGS and DDG solubles are combined with the patented formulation of ProBiotien (fermented flax, barley, oats and wheat) and a superior mix of vitamins and minerals, the results are impressive. A noticeable improvement in animal digestive health, better calving rates, better weight gain, better performance. In horses the coats shine, the hooves improve, and the general health of the animal is noticeable within the first two weeks.

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