Introducing The Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association

The Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association (ABCRA) is a non-profit Campdraft and Rodeo organisation that was formed in 1946 for the purpose of co-ordinating and assisting affiliated committees to conduct their events. 

The ABCRA has a rich history with its heritage strongly built by the ‘man on the land’ and it has grown to be uniquely Australia’s only and largest organisation administering the sports of Campdrafting and Rodeo under one entity.

ABCRA boasts a growing annual membership currently with over 4,500 full members and in excess of 3,000 day members.

Our popular website consistently has over 220,000 visitors per year not to mention our Facebook page which has over 6,000 friends giving us access to an estimated audience of over 300,000 Facebookers.

In December 2014 ABCRA launched its new and vastly improved website which features many online and interactive benefits not only for members but also for corporate partners and potential advertisers to promote and reinforce their brand/s.

Of course we are also extremely proud of our 212 affiliated clubs and associations who conduct in excess of 380 events annually across Australia – events which attract thousands of competitors and fans alike.  Our top competitors travel year round to accumulate points and prize money to qualify for the season finale, the ABCRA National Finals.

A point worthy of noting, at the time of our most recent survey, our affiliated committees inject in excess of 1.7million dollars into local economies throughout Australia in support of hospitals, infrastructure projects and in a number of cases other sporting organisations, not to mention charities specifically supporting health and emergency services.

Our Members

Our members come from all walks of life and number amongst them not only the man on the land but also large numbers of professional people including solicitors and barristers, health professionals, educators and tradesmen.

All have invested heavily in their chosen sports of Rodeo, Campdrafting and the other equine sports sanctioned by ABCRA by way of saddlery and allied products, motor vehicles and trailers to name but a few.

Our Monthly Magazine

ABCRA publishes its own high quality glossy magazine which is distributed directly to members and is also available for retail sale in news agencies across Australia.

Campdraft & Rodeo Magazine has an estimated monthly readership of over 16,000 as at 2015. 

From 2015 onwards, ABCRA will publish a Year Book in March of each year which will feature the who’s who of title, circuit and end of year winners and will include full National Finals event wrap up.

Our Staff

In this modern day and age many organisations have succumbed to the technology era and have lost their ability to deal personally with their clients and benefactors.

While ABCRA relies increasingly heavily on technology to improve efficiency and service our staff are the face of our business and are encouraged through training and leadership to reach for the highest standards in customer service and efficiency.

ABCRA National Finals Rodeo

In January each year, The Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft & Rodeo Association hosts the National Finals Rodeo and Campdraft held at the state of the art Australian Equine & Livestock Events Centre in Tamworth.

The National Finals Rodeo and Campdraft is a flagship event of the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival and fans are treated to superb displays of equine and livestock sport. 

The ABCRA National Finals experience comprises three major finals that make up the event

Our event also includes fundraising evenings where the ABCRA raises money for two cancer related charities and the immensely popular Build a Cowboy/Cowgirl day where over 130 children from all backgrounds take the opportunity to attend a come and try day.

Television stations and regional newspapers liaise with the ABCRA to ensure pre and post event coverage including competitor interviews, stock profiles, ticket sales, qualifiers, winners and outcomes are broadcast and published.