Click on each ABCRA COVIDSafe document link below to open the PDF document.

Documents Updated 3rd July 2020.

0.1 ABCRA COVIDSafe Committee Checklist 

1. ABCRA COVIDSafe Safety Plan

2. ABCRA COVIDSafe Communications Procedure

3. ABCRA COVIDSafe Full Policy

4. ABCRA COVIDSafe Policy Summary 

5. ABCRA COVIDSafe Attendee Hygiene Protocols

6. ABCRA COVIDSafe Committee Cleaning Protocols 

7. ABCRA COVIDSafe Sanitisation & Physical Distancing Barriers Protocol

8. ABCRA COVIDSafe Committee Show Appplication (Fillable PDF)

9. ABCRA COVIDSafe Committee Record of Breech 

10. ABCRA COVIDSafe  Management of Unwell Participants 

11. ABCRA COVIDSafe  Health Declaration - Updated 7 July 2020

12. ABCRA COVIDSafe  Register of Attendance