Rodeo Points Criteria

Effective as of 1 December 2015


Is to have a minimum of ten (10) standard events, being - Saddle Bronc Ride, Bareback Ride, Bull Ride, Steer Wrestling, Rope and Tie, Team Roping, Juvenile Steer Ride, Juvenile Barrel Race, Ladies Barrel Race - plus at least one (1) other Ladies Event, either Steer Undecorating or Breakaway Roping.
If a Committee conducts a full Junior Rodeo, they are not required to run the mandatory Junior events at their Senior rodeo if held in the same points year.
A committee that runs a full event rodeo may run another program with the events of their choice within the same points year with full points (event, not allround) being allocated.
In the event that a committee applies to run a full points award rodeo they will be entitled to run a jackpot or lesser event rodeo within the same points year and will be awarded full points (dollars only – not all round points)


A minimum program of 2 Open rough stock events, 2 timed events, 1 ladies event, 1 Junior event. (No All Round points) Prize Money as per current rodeo rules.


A committee that does not meet the full points or dollars only criteria will be entitled to run a percentage rodeo. One open event will be awarded 30%, additional open events will each attract an extra 10% however, capped at 60%. Percentage awarded will be credited to event standings but will not attract all round points.


A committee may run a jackpot rodeo event. Minimum added entry is set at $50 per open event. Points award criteria will be as per percentage rodeos.
Junior events that are run as a jackpot, the added entry will be a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $20 plus any levies.
When a Junior event is a Jackpot event, the committee must advertise the amount of entry contributed to the Jackpot Pool.
NOTE: That Jackpot rodeos must be advertised and employ ABCRA approved personnel.


This type of rodeo will not affect junior points as long as the events are advertised. They will still receive national and circuit points as normal. Novice Events will still go towards breaking your novice status if you place.


If a committee runs all the below listed junior events then the fixture will be eligible for Junior All Round points.
• Under 11 Junior Barrels
• 11 - Under 14 Junior Barrels
• 14 - Under 18 Juvenile Barrels
• 8 - Under 18 Junior Breakaway
• 8 - Under 11 Junior Steer Ride
• 11 - Under 14 Junior Steer Ride
• 14 - Under 18 Juvenile Steer