Why partner with the ABCRA?

The ABCRA have been part of the Australian Rodeo and Campdraft industry and the rural community, for over 7 decades, in many cases paving the way to the continuing growth of our sports. Choosing to partner with ABCRA, Australia’s largest Rodeo and Campdraft association, your business has the opportunity to link its brand and products with a strong, unique Australian organisation whose story is rich with a heritage founded on the principles of tradition, pride and spirit.

This opportunity to partner will enable your business to reinforce their profile and products within the western horse sport market.

How to partner with the ABCRA

There are a number of ways to partner with and market your business with ABCRA, in either the:

At the ABCRA we understand that every business is different, and for this reason we do our best to have flexibility in our partnership agreements, tailoring them to each partner to maximise benefit for the individual needs and target market of the businesses with whom we partner.

Please do not hesitiate to contact Head Office to discuss all opportunities further 

Lill Pauley 

e. marketing@abcra.com.au

p. 02 6767 9200