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History of Ranch Sorting

Ranch Sorting has its origins in the USA in an age old tradition that existed long before fences appeared on the open ranges. Cowboys from surrounding ranches working together for a common aim gathered cattle into large herds for branding, weaning or sale.

On the open range, the cattle would be circled by the horsemen. This activity was called Rodear, it didn’t take long for the cowboys to pit their skills against one another competitively on behalf of their respective ranch and today we know it as Rodeo!

The best riders would slowly enter the herd to sort the desired cows by the owners various brands. With expert horsemanship, the sorter would ease the selected cow to the outskirts of the herd.

Today, this skill has been transformed into the competitive sport of Ranch Sorting…

What is Ranch Sorting?

Ranch Sorting is fun, it’s simple as it has very few rules and is strictly a timed event where finesse and skill in ‘reading’ cattle is more important than speed!!

Developed as an arena sport, Ranch Sorting caters for riders of all abilities from beginner to the seasoned and expert horse person all competing at their own level.

A Ranch Sorting takes place in two pens 18m across connected together end on end with a 4m opening where they join.

Two riders on horseback sort as many (maximum ten) head of numbered stock in numerical order from one pen to another in an allotted time.
Working cattle with finesse in a confined arena makes the sport safe and like we said a whole lot of fun!

Is Ranch Sorting for you?

Only if you would enjoy participating with friends and family on your horse in a friendly, supportive environment - be prepared, making new friends comes with the deal!

Unlike many other horse and cattle events, Ranch Sorting is affordable with the entry fees to most RSCNA classes ranging from $15 to $30.

Weekend horse enthusiasts can learn the sport quickly and with the ratings system can begin winning money in short time.

Many who have a horse and cattle background not only understand the contest, but also view it as a way to showcase their stock handling ability and horsemanship skills and pass on their knowledge freely.

Benefits of RSNCA Membership

  • The ability to compete in a friendly family atmosphere.
  • The opportunity to make new friends with similar ideals.
  • The ability to develop horsemanship and stock handling skills through competition and education.
  • Consistency through Internationally accepted rules.
  • Access to a dedicated 9 level rating system that is based on statistical performance and not opinion which means there is a level for everyone to be competitive.
  • Annual awards.
  • Points tally kept at both National and International Levels.
  • Opportunity to qualify to compete at an annual RSNCA National Finals.
  • RSNCA Australian Champions automatically qualify for entry in the World Finals in the USA.

Who is RSNCA?

Based in Tamworth (NSW) Ranch Sorting National Championships Australia is dedicated to providing the ability for all ages and skill levels to participate in the western lifestyle through working with livestock in a friendly and encouraging family atmosphere.

Being a part of this great Association which is dedicated to a sport that combines timed event competition with true to life cattle work in a safe and low impact environment is now a reality for everyone that has ever wanted to participate in a livestock based sport.

It is the mission of the ABCRA and RSNCA to lead the industry in developing and improving the sport of Ranch Sorting in Australia through a fair rating system while keeping it as affordable as possible to compete. 

Our goal is to provide and promote a friendly, family-oriented, competitive riding experience at the grassroots level and to preserve the heritage and integrity of the ranching and western lifestyle.

Also check out the calendar to find out what events are on near you and visit with the folks there to see firsthand what Ranch Sorting is all about…

Of course RSNCA is always interested to talk to prospective event producers so give us a call today on (02) 6766 5863 to discuss running a Ranch Sorting event.