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The Committee Tools page provides financial ABCRA Affiliates with 24/7 access to up-to-date Show Management documents and resources.

Don't forget to download our online Committee Handbook for detailed information to help you understand ABCRA processes and assist with the operation of your show! 

Committee Handbook

Our newest support resource!

Packed full of useful content to help our Committees understand ABCRA procedures and overall requirements for your event management. 

Download & read today! 

Committee Handbook


NLIS & Stock Movement

Find information about your Committee NLIS requirements during the operation of your show.








Advertising your event

Due to COVID19, the printing our our monthly magazine is temporarily in hiatus until further notice. 

All Committee Show Advertisements will be via our website calendar, monthly online newsletter and social media channels. 

Please complete your Show & Programme application via iCompete and the advertisement booking sheet located in Show management documents. 

For advertisement enquiries contact our  Magazine Co-Ordinator

COMMITTEE iCompete help

Tip sheets to assist you in completing your Committee iCompete processes.

HANDY TIP: Print the during show tip sheets to have on hand during your event! 

Committee Tip Sheets

General benefits of using ABCRA iCompete

Running your Campdraft through iCompete

Some of the major advantages and time saving measures of using the iCompete system are as follows:

  • No committee charge for using the iCompete system- use of our system is FREE for committees!
  • No need to search all competitors before your draft to determine their financial membership status
  • No need to manually search for each competitors encouragement status. Committees and judges must ensure all encouragement riders are wearing a helmet. iCompete places an “E” next to their name on the score sheets and draws.
  • No need to collect Event membership funds, provide receipts and get waivers signed by unfinancial competitors on the day of your draft (a very time-consuming process on the day when you are busy enough)
  • The system caters for limiting first round runs and specific event limits. You will not need to manually check how many nominations you can approve for each competitor. The system also will not allow further runs on day for anyone who is already at their run limit. This ensures you are consistent without having to go back and manually check their entry numbers.
  • We can collect any dinner fees or camping charges from competitors at the time of an approved entry payment
  • Full staff team for office support to competitors with any issues nominating.
  • Full staff team for Committee support in conducting each of the steps and functions. You will receive a phone number for any weekend assistance.
  • 24/7 access to reports for your programme including income summary etc
  • Public access to live scores for your event.
  • Easy & accurate competitor payouts using the calculate winnings function
  • Head office direct deposit payment of prizemoney to competitors where requested 

Let us know if the above advantages and time-saving measures interest your Campdraft committee! Email us today requesting more information and a demonstration of iCompete campdraft event management system

committee meeting TEMPLATES






Zoom Meetings

Videoconferencing via applications such as Zoom can be great alternative for face to face meetings that allows Committees to be involved without the inconvenience of travel. 
Tip sheets are available below. 

Register for a FREE Zoom account

How to Zoom on your Computer

How to Zoom from your Smart Phone


COVIDSafe documents & State Govt resources 


CAMPDRAFT Judges Seminars

ABCRA Judges Seminars are critical in maintaining a baseline level of quality amongst ABCRA approved Judges. If your Committee would like to host a Campdraft Judges seminar, please contact your zone representative to arrange & return the below form.



  • ABCRA Public Liability & Personnel accident policies 
  • Download the latest ABCRA certificate of currency

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