What is Campdraft

Campdrafting involves a mounted rider riding into a "camp" (corral or yard) which has six to eight head of cattle in it. 

The rider (cuts out) one steer or heifer from the cattle in the camp and brings that beast to the front of the camp and block and turns that beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control. The rider then calls for the gates to be opened.  The cut out is worth a total of 26 points.

The rider then proceeds to draft (work) the beast around a figure of eight course in a larger arena. 

Generally, the course is set to the left and once the beast has gone around the left peg, it must then be drafted around a peg on the right.

Once that is completed, the rider then guides the steer through the "gate" which is two pegs placed apart. Once gated, the Campdraft is complete and the rider can be awarded up to a total of 100 points.  Points are awarded for horsemanship and control of the beast.... within set time limits (usually 45-47 seconds). 

Open Horse

 An Open horse is a horse, which has won a first prize in an Open Campdraft, or has completed its Novice status.

Junior Rider

A Junior Rider shall be aged from 8 years, and under 13 years.

Juvenile Rider

A Juvenile Rider shall be aged from 13 years, and under 17 years.

Lady Rider

Ladies events are restricted to females 17 years and over.

Master Rider

Is a rider aged 55 years or over.
Points will be accumulated from the Maiden, Novice, Open for Open drafts

Most Sucessfull Rider

Most Successful Rider Points will be allocated in Maiden, Novice, and Open Campdrafts.
Both Lady and Gentleman riders are eligible.

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